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IP65 Silicone Spray Ribbon

IP65 Silicone Spray Ribbon

Silicone spray image.jpg

Ribbon Dimensions.jpg

Our range of LED ribbons just got even better with our transition to the latest IP65 ribbon technology using a thin silicone spray.  The silicone spray protects the ribbon from dust and water, allowing it’s use in both dry and wet areas - such as bathrooms & kitchens or lounges & living areas including outdoor entertainment spaces. 

The new IP65 Silicone spray replaces the older style silicone sleeves which were bulky and increased the dimensions of the LED ribbon. The thin silicone spray barely adds any extra width or height allowing it to fit into LED aluminium profile with ease.  

At the same time, we have streamlined the 24 Volt LED ribbon range (4–17W) to the same cutting lengths, making it easy to work out exactly how much ribbon you'll need for your project. 

The IP65 silicone spray ribbon is available in warm, natural or cool white with other colours available in the 9 Watt ribbon range. We also have RGB and RGBW ribbon options using this new technology. Click here to see all our ribbon products

IP65 Silicone Spray.jpg

Fixing tails and joining ribbon for installation is easy too! Just scratch off the silicone edge, join the ribbon as usual and then re-silicone.  No need to worry about end caps, just add a dab of silicone at the ends.


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