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Please carefully read the important safety information within this document.

1. Our Warranty to You

As a consumer of Brightlight products, Brightlight offers you all of the warranties extended to you under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. In particular, Brightlight warrants that all Brightlight products:

  • Are free from defects in materials and workmanship and conform to Brightlight’s applicable specifications for that product.
  • Are of acceptable quality for their type and use, are fit for the purpose for which they are designed, and they comply with our description and specifications for them.
  • Comply with any sample of the same product we have given you.
  • Have facilities for repair and a supply of parts will be reasonably available for a reasonable period after supply of the products.
  • Our warranty is for a period of two years from the date of your purchase.

2. How to Obtain Warranty Service

To obtain warranty service from us you will need to:

  • Provide us with written evidence of purchase.
  • Return the product to us for inspection.

3. Our Obligation to You

Our obligation to you in relation to our warranty is at our option to either:

  • Repair the product for you if repair is possible; or
  • Replace the product with one of identical specification; or
  • Refund the purchase price to you.

4. Exclusions From Our Warranty

Brightlight products are designed with specific protection features for optimum consumer safety and to ensure that our products perform as well as possible. Our products must remain fully accessible at all times in order to be able to be retrieved for warranty claims, repair or maintenance. Our warranty will not apply when:

  • A power supply which is not a Brightlight certified power supply is used.
  • LED rigid board modules are mechanically stressed by bending or shaping beyond the format as supplied, or if the actual LED is subject to unreasonable pressure.
  • LED products are not installed by properly qualified installers in accordance with the applicable New Zealand Electrical Safety Standards and Regulations.
  • Correct electrical polarity is not observed.
  • LED modules are not cut or divided at the specified cutting marks (marked by a line and/or scissor symbol).
  • Products which are installed in an environment which may cause corrosion, or moisture or water damage are not properly protected against such environmental risks.
  • Solder and metal parts are not sufficiently lacquered when installed in a corrosive environment.
  • A Bightlight certified low voltage pulse-width modulation (PWM) dimmer is not installed when LED products are to be dimmed.
  • LED modules and accessories are not sufficiently well ventilated.
  • Brightlight’s individual specifications for the product you have purchased are not followed.
  • Precautions from “Important Safety Information” on the reverse of this document have not been followed.


Brightlight products are designed with specific protection features for an optimum consumer safe experience.

Please read this important safety information to ensure your LED installation is sustainable long term. Failure to adhere to any of the following conditions will void warranty and could cause product failure as a result.

All LED products must remain fully accessible at all times in order to be retrieved for repair or maintenance.

  1. Only use Brightlight certified power supplies. Certified power supplies protect you and your LED installation.
  2. LED rigid board modules are not to be mechanically stressed by bending or shaping beyond the straight format as supplied. Placing pressure on the actual LED is to be avoided at all times.
  3. Use qualified personnel to install LED products. Specific electrical and safety standards need to be followed in accordance to New Zealand/Australian electrical safety regulations.
  4. Adhere to correct electrical polarity; if electrical polarity is not correct then damage could be caused to the LED module.
  5. Only cut or divide the LED modules at the specified cutting markings indicated on the LED module, these markings are marked by a line and/or scissor symbol.
  6. Touching metallic parts can cause electrostatic discharge, use ESD precautions.
  7. Certain modules do not have IP properties, meaning they do not offer protection against corrosion, moisture, dust and water damage, if you are unsure, check the IP rating on the product specification sheet or consult Brightlight for further information. Corrosion as a warranty claim will not be accepted, it is the contractor/installer’s responsibility to ensure the specified products are either coated or are protected from moisture, condensation and other corrosive elements.
  8. When soldering is required in the installation process, the soldering must be protected against corrosion, and this includes all metal parts of the module being lacquered sufficiently.
  9. LED dimming can only be achieved with a certified low voltage pulse-width modulation (PWM) dimmer. Check with Brightlight before installing any dimming system.
  10. Your LED installation must be well ventilated in order for the LED modules and accessories to survive long term. Excessive heat in the LED cavity could cause a reduction in the LED’s life and/or product failure.
  11. Each LED product will have specific power requirements and unique attributes. In order to get the best out of your chosen LED product and enable the system to function correctly, you will need to carefully read and follow individual specifications for each product you are installing.
  12. High pressure hoses must not be used to clean IP rated products. All LED products must be free of any cleaning chemicals or detergents.
  13. Products must be free of dust, dirt and obstructions to enable the light to emit onto the desired area in a uniform manner.
  14. Products are not suitable when being exposed to the marine environment unless the product specification is clearly marked “Product is suitable for the marine environment”. All special instructions must be followed and all care should be taken to ensure common sense is practised.
  15. LED product that is used in conjunction with other light fittings in the same cavity should be kept in separate compartments to prevent colour mixing between light fittings and excessive heat generated by the non-LED product.
  16. As with all LED lamps and fittings, light depreciation should be expected throughout the lifetime of the product.
  17. LED products may differ slightly in Kelvin degrees (LED Colour) between batches. Bright Light will ensure individual orders have consistent Kelvin levels. Please contact us before ordering if colour matching between orders is required.
  18. Quality sealant must be used if placed in an outdoor environment. This sealant must be rated at least for the rated lifetime of the LED product.
  19. Products that are installed without following the correct installation procedure detailed in the product instruction manual and datasheets will not be accepted as a warranty claim. If the installer does not receive a copy of these documents it is the installer’s responsibility to request this before installing the product. Please contact Bright Light or refer to
  20. All constant current products must be wired in series only.
  21. LED Products used are not to be used in direct sunlight unless the product used is specified as “UV resistant” in the product datasheets provided by Bright Light.
  22. Materials that do not dissipate heat effectively (ie. PVC or some timbers) should not be used as a heat sink for LED strips.
  23. Ambient temperature of LED installation should not exceed 60deg, ideal working temperature will be noted on datasheets.
  24. Correct cable sizes should be worked out by installer or engineer prior to installation.
  25. Under no circumstances will Brightlight be liable for any charges relating to the removal, re-installation or freight in regard to product installations.
  26. All warranty claims must be sent to the Brightlight office at the resellers expense unless prior arrangements have been made with Brightlight and written approval is provided by Bright Light of any arrangements. Our product warranty is strictly on a “return to base” basis.
  27. If an on-site visit is required to assess problems relating to LED products and it is found to be caused by incorrect installation then a call out charge may apply.
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